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About PAssion CARES
The PAssion CARES initiative, started in July 2018, rewards our PAssion Card Members and allows them to contribute to a good cause simply by tapping their PAssion Cards at the PAssion CARES readers at selected community events.  

With each tap of your PAssion Card, 7.5 TapForMore (TFM) points will be contributed to community projects, while another 7.5 TFM points will be credited to your PAssion Card in appreciation of your support towards PAssion CARES. 

This year, we celebrate PAssion Card's 15th anniversary with a wish to do more for the community! So, from 31 January to 30 September 2020, 2x TFM points* will be contributed to community projects benefiting the underprivileged with every tap of your PAssion Card at participating PAssion CARES events. 

This initiative is supported by our long-term partners, Dairy Farm Singapore Group and POSB. 

Join us in making a bigger difference for the community today!
 PAssion CARES
*2x TapForMore (TFM) points is equivalent to 15 TFM points and will be contributed to community projects benefiting the underprivileged; Members will continue to earn 7.5 TFM points at PAssion CARES events. 
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