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DATE:              8 - 17 October 2021
TIME:               8:00 PM
VENUE:           Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Multi-Purpose Hall, Level 7
TICKETING:    $38 (Tue - Thu), $42 (Fri - Sun)
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In 1879, scientific genius Thomas Edison successfully created the world's first practical incandescent bulb. He was about to light up New York and the entire world, using his Direct Current electrical system. Along came another inventor Nikola Tesla who insisted that his Alternating Current electrical system was superior to Edison's. A battle ensued, as ambitions and aspirations clashed in this "War of Currents". What drove these great minds to achieve the impossible, and what must they learn to sacrifice in order to truly benefit the world?

Inspired by historical events, Electrify My World by Nine Years Theatre is a power-charged, original play that will jolt you into seeing Science and Humanity in new light.


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